Staying connected during COVID-19

During this time, many of us have found ourselves in isolation. Social distancing is a term referring to actions that help stop or slow down the spread of highly contagious diseases. Social distancing involves staying home, staying away from crowds, and avoiding physical touch.

While social distancing is critical in ensuring the physical safety of our communities, it can have a negative impact on our mental health. Research shows that being connected  is fundamental to our well-being.

To make social distancing feel manageable, this platform highlights some of the digital resources that help us maintain and build relationships with the people around us.

How would you like to stay connected?

I want to see and hear loved ones

Being able to interface with the important people in our lives is critical to our well-being.

Video chatting platforms

I want to watch movies with people

There's something special about experiencing a movie with a loved one.

Movie party platforms

I want to maintain my love life

Intentional communication and togetherness help foster strong relationships.

Love-boosting platforms

I want to share music with loved ones

Sending music to another person is a way to disclose feelings and build intimacy.

Music sharing platforms

I want read books with other people

Reading the same book as someone and being able to debrief with them is stimulating.

Virtual book clubs

I want to do things with other people

Gathering in community or meeting with people 1:1 helps foster emotional health.

Togetherness platforms

I want to be playful with loved ones

Being playful, playing games, and doing challenges can foster healing and happiness.

Playful platforms

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